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Helping reactive dogs & frazzled owners thrive

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Reactive Dogs are Good Dogs! They just need specialized help. That's what we offer!

  • Do you live with a dog you love but don’t love all of their habits?

  • Have you tried training your dog on your own and just aren’t getting the results you hoped for?

  • Do you want to stop being frustrated with your dog and start having all that fun you visualized when you first brought home your furry family member?


So, take a deep breath, let go of any feelings of overwhelm you may have – I get it, I’ve been where you are – that’s why I want to help!

On this site you will find articles, tips and resources to help you understand and communicate effectively with your dog. That’s a big part of training. Right now, you may be speaking two different languages, which makes it hard to understand each other. Check out the blog to learn more about what it takes to live successfully with a dog. If you want my help training your dog, visit this page.

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What Clients Say

"We got a new puppy in June.  As a first time dog owner, I was not confident about raising a well mannered puppy.  We signed up for Ruth's puppy package.  She was great to work with and incorporated the whole family into the program.  Our puppy looked forward to the sessions and was always excited to see Ruth.  She has a great understanding of dog behavior and positive training methods.  If we were struggling with getting the behavior we wanted, she always provided alternate suggestions to try.  The resources she provides in her newsletters have been helpful.  It was also comforting to know that she would respond quickly to emails and/or texts with training coaching when needed.  I highly recommend her services."
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- Carrie L

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