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Terms & Conditions

Learn the terms of using our website below.

Terms & Conditions text goes here. 

If you don't have one yet:

When you take website visitor information, such as a contact form or booking software or email marketing or even using something like Google Analytics, you are technically required to have a Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions on your website. 


I know that this can mean costly legal fees to get a custom one made for your business. I've been there, too! That's why I've partnered with Your Legal BFF so you can get a Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy template at a cheaper rate than hiring a lawyer to custom create one for you. This allows you to purchase contract templates and customize them yourself to your business while following her video tutorials.


Here's the link if you decide to go through Your Legal BFF. If you do decide to work with a lawyer or find other means of getting your paperwork, that's fine too! Just make sure to paste it here when you're ready.

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